Welcome to Mecklenburg in October 2016!

Experience autumn orienteering in the beautiful woods of the “Mecklenburg Switzerland” and the historic towns of Güstrow and Waren (Müritz) in Northeast Germany.



Results from all days are now published under "Ergebnisse".

Pre-Race Information

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Course lengths

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Three races are organised, the details of which are summarised below. Additionally, training will be offered near Güstrow on Friday 30th September and a fun Photo-Orientering in Waren (Müritz) which can be completed on Friday or Saturday.

An overview of the race locations is available here.

01/10/2016: German Orienteering Championships

Individual long-distance race at Levenstorf near Waren (Müritz)

Classic distance race in an interesting forest unused for orienteering for over 25 years. Post-glacial terrain with many stones, similar to some areas in Swedish Skåne.

More information is available on the German-langauge page DM Lang.

02/10/2016: "Deutschland Cup" Relay

Club relay at Kirch Rosin near Güstrow

Mixed teams of 5 (open class), 4 (junior class for H/D-14) or 3 (ad-hoc class) runners.

More information is available on the German-langauge page Deutschland Cup.

Typical forest for northern Germany with diffuse contour and vegetation details.

03/10/2016: Deutsche Park Tour Sprint

Urban sprint race in the centre of the historic town of Güstrow

Held on German Reunification Day (public holiday), this is part of the Deutsche Park Tour race series.

More information is available on the German-langauge page Deutsche Park Tour.

Additional information


Entries will be open in early Summer 2016.


Basic accomodation (sports hall floor) at a low cost will be available from the organisers in Güstrow from Friday until Monday. There are large number of other choices for accomodation of all sorts as this is a popular tourist region.

Photo gallery

Some impressions of the areas to be used for the races are available in the Photo Gallery.

Organiser: Orienteering Group of SV Turbine Neubrandenburg